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Kurt Shafer here, Inventor, to show you what started Invisco

In the late 70s Darlene and I moved to a nice little home with sash windows and screens on the outside. I was not happy to have screens in our view all the time when I knew that the only time they were needed is when the window is opened.

So I decided to try to make screens that unrolled only when the window is opened so the screen only covered the opening.

I noticed we had blinds that rolled up to be out of the way and it occurred to me that I could use rollers to unroll screens. Sure enough, when I put a screen on a roller and mounted the roller outside at the bottom of the window frame and attached the screen to the bottom of the sash window frame, it unrolled and covered the opening!

Thus the Invisible Screen Company was born in 1978.

My inventions continued to pop into my mind and you can see them all here –